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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pink propaganda

twentyseven bums give a prostitute the once
-over, fiftythree(and one would see if it could)

eyes say the breasts look very good:
firmlysquirmy with a slight jounce,

thirteen pants have a hunch
admit in threedimensional distress
these hips were made for Horizontal Business
(set on big legs nice to pinch

assiduously which justgraze
each other). As the lady lazily struts
thicklish flesh superior to the genuine daze
of unmarketable excitation,

whose careless movements carefully scatter

pink propganda of annihilation

goodby Betty,don't remember me
pencil your eyes dear and have a good time
with the tall tight boys at Tabari'
s,keep your teeth snowy,stick to beer and lime,
wear dark,and where your meeting breasts are round
have roses darling,it's all i ask of you--
but that when light fails and this sweet profound
Paris moves with lovers,two and two
bound for themselves,when passionately dusk
bring softly down the perfume of the world
(and just as smaller stars begin to husk
heaven)you, you exactly paled and curled

with mystic lips take twilight where i know:
proving to Death that Love is so and so.

E.E. Cummings
(thanks to tee)

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